The Experiment:

Okay, I stole the idea from Bareware   and mine is not nearly as complete, but I was curious as to how much liquid the diapers & inserts in my stash would hold.  Once I had that information, I couldn't help but pass it along!  If you do this experiment yourself, you can email me & I will include your results also.  Basically, I got a glass bowl and a digital postal scale.  I put the glass bowl and the diaper (we'll call this one diaper a) on the scale and turned it on so it was set to 0.  I then dunked the diaper in water for 15 - 30 seconds, let the extra water drip back into the sink, and put diaper a in the bowl on the scale to see how much water was absorbed.  Then I turned the scale off and started over for diaper b.  I have more diapers than this in my stash, but many are discontinued brands or styles, so I didn't think it would be useful information to anyone.

 All In One Diapers

These are my favorite style of diaper!  They are easy to use and were any easy sell to my husband who was reluctant to try cloth.  Find out more about all-in-one diapers at Diaper Jungle.


Primm N Proper Baby Absorbed 15.4 ounces

 I purchased these diapers from  Meaghan allows you to pick customizable fabrics.  This is a medium with organic bamboo velour lining & a sewn in microfiber soaker.  I find these diapers dry easily in 1 cycle.  There is also a pocket opening that I stuff for overnight.  I have 5 of these in my stash and they are my favorite diaper!  I have a tiny daughter (at 3 months she was still under 10 pounds) and these are stretchy enough she has been wearing them since she was about 1 month old.  They are a little tight under 0-3 month clothing when stuffed, but I am using a larger diaper than intended for her size!


Mums Bums

Absorbed 15.6 oz.

 This is a Mums Bums brand diaper from  Hope no longer sells diapers from this website, but lists all the retailers that sell them & has lots of information about their design.  This is also a medium that fits my skinny baby without leaks!




Absorbed 14.4 oz.

 Kushies are the least expensive all-in-one diaper that work that I have found.  The layer next to baby's skin is flannel, so it doesn't wick urine away from the skin as well as fleece and does not have the anti-bacterial properties of bamboo or hemp.  Learn more about their construction at Kushies.   For the price, this is a great daytime diaper.  I usually add a microfiber insert under the flap if we're going out.  I bought these at for about $40 a 5 pack.

 Prefold Diapers

The old stand-by!  These are the diapers that used to be fastened with pins and used with rubber pants.  I lay mine in a cover without pins or snappis.  I sometimes stuff them in a pocket.  Mostly, I like this combination when we will be travelling for more than an hour because they take up so much less room in the diaper bag.  When my daughter wets, I can just put the pre-fold in the wet bag and put a clean prefold in the same cover.  I also like that these can be used for other purposes after the diaper years.  Read more about pre-folds at Diaper Jungle.

 Play All Day (hemp)

Absorbed 13.8 oz.

 Bum Wear

Absorbed 13.6 oz.

 Chinese DSQ

Absorbed 10.8 oz.

 These are all size small and I love to put them in my favorite KCK One one-size cover from Brandy's Boutique
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